Dpro Medical

Dpro Medical developed a series of a wide range

of digital technologies innovations—from enterprise-level systems , e-prescribing systems, and patient portals, to personal health systems such as personal health mobile apps.including Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual care and interactions between people and technology.

12 Medical service and platform

A platform specialized in the pharmaceutical media and the pharmaceutical industry and related fields represented in informing doctors and specialists of new products and presenting them with modern treatments and medicines through a large network of scientific and commercial offices. Which facilitates the arrival of innovative drug information, supported by advanced technology represented by marketing medical products through international companies and solid medical facilities.

To keep pace with the development in the field of automation and to help pharmacists manage their work easily and provide them with complete comfort, work has been done to implement the application of an information archiving system, scientific office bills and supplies, just by pressing one button without the need for the Internet

Enhancing the technology of digital healthcare, a group has developed this application as a platform for immediate aid, with the aim of quick access to the patient, providing first aid information and direct contact with health centers and hospitals through the project to link ambulances with the emergency department in hospitals, which aims to automate patient data and quickly access during the patient’s ambulance process and locate it Strictly to activate early warning electronically

A platform that aims to link laboratories and health centers with international companies that manufacture devices and laboratory solutions, integrating improved medical and laboratory devices with smart phones, using modern programmed laboratory tools, and exchanging analyzes, rays, and others, which provides an effective channel for direct communication with international companies, facilities and reputable medical laboratories.

This application works as a medical platform that facilitates the process of communicating with pharmacies directly without an intermediary. It has many advantages that no other application provides, starting from reducing expenses and expenses spent on delegates and intermediaries, ending with reducing the human element and the intervention of artificial intelligence

An integrated system for archiving and preserving the patient’s data, knowing his medical history, and facilitating the doctor’s work through the medical record of the patient’s condition (complaints and symptoms – examinations, analyzes and radiology – operations – diagnoses – following up on the progress of the patient’s condition – medications and medical recommendations) anywhere and anytime. Data is saved from the moment the patient arrives within the application by seamlessly linking the frequency of the waves

A medical electronic store that provides online shopping services for pharmacists from stores, warehouses, trade in medical devices, equipment and other supplies that meet the needs of the medical sector and private and public hospitals of medical devices, radiology devices, medical supplies and raw materials in addition to meeting the needs of universities, research centers and laboratories

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A global platform that can book your appointment with any doctor you want around the world, presents you with available doctors in all specialties in your nearest place, and gives you full control over the various search options, including sending the results of tests, examinations and medications based on enhanced web portals and mobile applications

A special application for organizing treatment times according to the prescription and scheduling vaccinations for children reduces waiting times for patients, and provides advantages for the elderly and those unable to visit the doctor, as well as the program’s issuance of real-time alerts and warnings that draw attention to necessary changes in the patient’s medication or condition

A digital platform that allows beneficiaries to communicate with specialists and consultants in all fields through written conversations or by requesting a video chat with the specialist doctor. It allows people to access their records and fulfill their needs without leaving their couch. Get diagnosed and prescribed treatment without leaving their homes

An academic platform specialized in the establishment of “Visual Medical Conferences”, international scientific exhibitions remotely, linking medical educational institutions with health institutions, supporting training and education, developing the elements of scientific research, facilitating the communication of doctors, pharmacists and all health cadres in international universities and medical centers to monitor research and development, to exchange ideas and converge experiences