Dpro Medical

First internationally in terms of medical service technology.

It has more than 12 medical services and platforms specialized in the health sector aimed at doctors, pharmacists, hospitals and medical personnel, providing innovative solutions in the field of automation, health data management, and the enhancement of telemedicine systems and virtual reality. By integrating technology such as artificial intelligence and medical devices with smart data and archiving it, ranging from enterprise-level systems such as electronic medical records (EMRs), electronic prescribing systems and patient portals, to personal health systems such as personal health records and mobile apps for personal health. And improving the efficiency of the health care system as well as directing its services to all people to provide excellent health care in light of the Corona pandemic.

Together, we can be smarter.

Ammar Jumaa

Ammar Jumaa is an innovative and collaborative leader overseeing Dpro Medical business strategy. He has nearly 12 years of experience in healthcare IT strategies and digital marketing. Before he co-founded Dpro Medical, he held executive leader roles at TOU Agency. Ammar Jumaa has supported dozens of brand groups and has been responsible for the creation and management of over 70 digital solutions.



As the world navigates the unprecedented challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Dpro Mdical Services support you. We are honored to serve the many Healthcare Technology Managers who are working hard to enable swift, efficient, and quality patient care in this time of need.
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